Then you can enjoy your favorite yam recipes, including casseroles, fries, baked yams, yam desserts, and candied yams. Serve mashed yams with plenty of butter and seasoning as an accompaniment to meat stews or other vegetable dishes. Make yam chips or bake yams in their skins. A true yam is much starchier than a sweet potato, with a milder sweetness that becomes only slightly more pronounced when the root is cooked. Sweet potatoes vs. yams: what makes them different and how to cook with both root vegetables to maximize flavor and health. Junzi lead chef Lucas Sin's pre-bake freezing paired with a high oven temperature renders creamy, super-sweet results. Learn how to store raw and cooked sweet potatoes at home, plus find out exactly how to freeze sweet potatoes so that they last a long time. - Give a yam about freshness - Yams · - Swank - Sweet Potatoes · - Gratifying - Green Beans · Protection Perfection Fresh Tips · Sign up for Our Newsletter. We bought a bunch and I headed home to bake them along with some sweet potatoes and “yams” I'd bought at Whole Foods and my local coop. Yam, any of several plant species of the genus Dioscorea, grown for their edible tubers. Yams are native to warmer regions of both hemispheres, and several. Types, Characteristics, and Easy Sweet Potato and Yam Recipes 3 Easy Yam Recipes; Want to Become a Better Home Chef?

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